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Five Day Innermakeover Retreat 2018 Schedule
Sat May 26- Wed May 30 2018

The Innermakeover retreat is the ideal retreat to:

  • De-stress
  • Lose weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Get healthy

Throughout our life we build up toxins in our physical body. These toxins can lead to all types of health problems. Our organic juices along with herbal teas and first class organic meals will help detoxify your body. Combine with this the powerful mental detox approach we take at Little Forest and you will be unstoppable.

The main difference between our usual format will be that days two, three and four will be a juice cleanse. So days one and five we will eat healthy organic meals but the middle three days will be liquid only with mainly juices with some smoothies and maybe a soup or two. We will be doing several similar sessions like the Hypnotic Lap Band session but at this retreat there will be more free time and we will also have on day three a treatment day. So you will be able to book in for a Swedish or remedial massage or a hot rock massage and possibly a facial as well. We will also be holding daily yoga and meditation classes on days two to four on top of the Tai Chi, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. 

8 Good reasons to attend this retreat

You will:

  • Enjoy daily hypnosis sessions to transform your mindset
  • Participate in Time Line Therapy's to release negative thought patterns
  • Participate in Time Line Therapy's to release negative emotional baggage
  • Reduce stress levels through daily Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga classes
  • Nourish your body with our organic juices, teas and delicious meals
  • Benefit from unlimited use of our fitness facilities and classes to energise your body.
  • Cleanse your mind and body leaving you totally rejuvenated

  • Four ways to reduce stress and lead a calmer more centred life
  • Time Line Therapy to remove limiting beliefs
  • Time Line Therapy to install empowering beliefs
  • Healing Hypnosis for pain relief
  • Seven Secrets to an Inner Glow
  • Eleven Ancient Chi Kung exercises to rejuvenate your mind and body
  • Three Ancient Chi Kung visualisations to calm your spirit
  • Sacred Vibration Healing Sounds to increase harmony
  • Chi healing to direct energy and light to heal those around you
  • Two secret techniques to create unlimited energy
  • Three Ancient breathing techniques to revitalise your body
  • Acupressure for self-healing


The Hypnotic Lap Band hypnosis session has you imagine you are being wheeled in to an operating theatre. You then imagine you are being administered a general anaesthetic and once you have entered a trance state the imaginary surgery is performed.  Shrink your mind and tummy at the Think Slim seven Day Retreat.

Your package includes

  • Accommodation
  • Mini bus transfers to and from airport for interstate travellers flying in.
  • All workshops and classes
  • All meals and juices
  • All therapy sessions

How much?

Single room $2,495
Share room $1,995 (per person)

Five Day Innermakeover Retreat 2018 Schedule
Sat May 26- Wed May 30 2018


Read FAQS on Hypnotic Lap band - click here



Phone 1300 76 00 73


02 9529 6478

or click here for online enquiry form

“I feel I have reclaimed my life and have been lit up from the inside out to go out and be, do or have any thing my heart desires.”


"The retreat has given me more confidence, clarity, strength and energy. I am now 47 Kilos lighter and have never felt better. I believe having a new mind set, thinking positively, feeling motivated, leaving behind those bad habits, becoming more accepting of myself has lead me to my success that I have had and its through you and Linda"

Rob Gourlay, Victoria

Rob 47 kilos lighter in 8 months

“The Hypnotic Lap Band retreat for me was monumentally life changing”

“The peace & serenity were perfect.”

 “The retreat has changed my life.”

 “The food was fabulous”

 “I am so much happier”

 “The retreat has changed my life in so many ways”

 “I have so much energy”

 “The hypnosis was brilliantly done.”