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"With help from Think Slim and
Mark we are winning the obesity war one battle at a time."

Adro Sarnelli Winner of the Biggest Loser 2006

"I have released 39 kgs. I listen
to the MP4 player daily and it helps keep me on track."

Tracy Hall

"At any time, day or night
I can have 'instant' assistance and reassurance
with a session there to hand. it changed my life."

Kim Hutchins

Not a stone is left unturned in this retreat

“I have been on two Little Forest retreats in the past eight months. They have been one of the very best things I have done for myself in years. In many ways those retreats gave me my life back. I had lost my zest for life. Now I feel alive, eager, enthusiastic and mentally and physically so much stronger...

I am feeling excited, eager, enthusiastic and ready for more! Wish it had of been a two week retreat as one week was not enough. My second trip to Little Forest was even better than the first and I didn’t think this was possible. I have now gone from a lethargic size 20 in November last year to a dynamic, sexy size 12. It feels great to be 20 kilos lighter.

Not a stone is left unturned in this retreat. Mark... you change thousands of lives every day and yet you make each individual person feel like they have your undivided attention and personalized care. You are so generous with your time and energy and your commitment to us as a group but also to each of us personally. I have enormous respect for the work you do. I do not know if I have ever met anyone quite like you. You are a master clinician. A big heart-felt thank you.”


Little Forest really is like heaven on earth

Thank you once again for the wonderful retreat. It was amazing. I am slowly starting to see positive results. My energy levels are up and I am doing more getting out being active. Weight loss will take time but more importantly for me I am feeling great, much better than a fortnight ago. I am drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. No BEER or any form of alcohol and I have no desire to have any. The hypnosis was brilliantly done. I thought it was a soothing and a great part of the program. The retreat has given me more confidence, clarity, strength and energy. Like I said at the top, my energy levels are up and I am starting to find happiness in myself and my confidence is growing stronger. I thought the retreat was definitely great value for money. 

April Retreat 2009 Rob Gourlay

Attending the retreat for the second time in 7 months was fantastic. The food at the retreat was amazing and the classes were terrific. The accommodation is awesome, the location and views are breathtaking. The rainforest is so beautiful, quiet and so green, very pretty to take a stroll. You have a fantastic gym, very good cardio and weights. The first time I attended the retreat it took me 40 minutes to walk the hill once. This time around I walked the hill a total of 84 times. I have now gone from 132 kilos down to 85 kilos and have never felt better. Thanks so much for believing in me enough so that I could believe in myself. I can’t wait to attend the retreat again in 2010. Little Forest really is like heaven on earth.

November Retreat 2009 Rob Gourlay

Rob 47 kilos lighter in 8 months

Hi Mark

That's what I have been saying to myself since attending the Melbourne retreat recently.

I am feeling wonderful, alive and happy. I am walking to work, 1/2 hr each way, listening to your voice patiently talking to me on the MP4 player and love doing the exercise video.

What a change to the sluggish,"woe is me" woman that went on Sat morning.

And, WOW, I have released 4 kilos.....

Thank you so much Mark for giving me back my life.


Thanks for a life changing weekend.

Hi Mark and Linda,

I am approaching the techniques you have given us with enthusiasm to be able to make a change in my life for the better.

The food was very tasty, which is great and shows us that healthy food doesn’t have to be bland.

Mark, can you remind me of the quote you left us with - about there being no problems, only solutions.... I think this will be great to use at work. Thanks for all of your help, it was a great weekend.

Cheryl Bruce

Thanks for letting me realise I can be healthier and enjoy life more.


Thanks for letting me realise I can be healthier and enjoy life more. My first goal was to slim down 10kg by June, this morning I’m nearly there so I will set another goal this week.

Just a small loss probably compared to others, but that doesn’t matter – this is me – and with the tools provided at the workshop I now know I can do it.

Many thanks

Jan H

I have a new lease on life again

If I had been told at the start of the weekend, that every spare moment would be spent doing some sort of activity, I would never have believed it, but there I was, up and eager at 6.30am to go to the gym, take a walk, tackle the hill (which I ran down and then thought I could run back up again, only to get about tenth of the way before I succumbed to walking it instead! But I made it and was very proud!) I loved the balloon game, which I have now played with my family twice as a fun activity as well as at my work (I am a child care worker so the kids love it!!) I no longer sit around but play with the kids, whether it is soccer, netball or just mucking around. I have a new lease on life again!

I have returned home to my family a happy, revitalised mother, who is determined to show her children how good it is to eat healthy and exercise.

I was very nervous coming into the Lapband Weekend, as I really wasn't sure what to expect. The food was excellent (although I couldn't manage to eat anything after my "lap band". I have only been under general anaesthetic once, but I came out of my "lap band" feeling like I had been under. I was exhausted and nauseous. Dinner consisted of only about 4 spoonfuls of soup, and even the next day I could barely eat half my meal. And I am proud to say that my meal sizes are still at least half of what they were. I made the kitchen sink salad and was very proud of my nearly 8 year old daughter who took that with 2 boiled eggs for lunch.

My first day at my new life began with me getting up at 6am to use my treadmill. The only thing was, it had broken down since I had last used it. Not to be deterred, I thought I would use the Wii and do some of those exercises. This time the remotes hadn't been recharged and we didn't have any batteries. As we live in a two-storey house, I decided to run up and down my stairs instead. Each time I reached the bottom, I set myself a goal of doing something different, whether it was star jumps, pushups or sit-ups, but I made sure I tried to exercise every muscle. It just went to show me though, that I don't need to have any fancy machines, I can just do my stairs!

Before coming to your weekend, I was lazy. I used to love the gym but once my favourite gym closed down I just couldn't get motivated to get going again. I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and up until the weekend, my mental status was I have PCOS, I can't lose weight. I have now realised that thesis just a state of mind and that I can do it! And to prove to myself that I can, I have released 3 kilos since the weekend and will never see them again. I was a sugar addict (I am sure of that now!) and haven't missed any sweet food at all. It is amazing how lovely and fresh and nice food is compared to the "dead, devitalising food"I was eating. I came straight home and cleaned out the kitchen cupboards. My husband and I have sat down and completed a 3 week recipe plan and on the days they have something I don't want to eat, I have made my vegetarian patties and will have those instead. I have also gone out and brought a juicer (I just haven't used it yet) and I aim to listen to my MP4 player at least once (if not twice) a day.

This is really only a part of what I want to say, so I will write more in the future, so stay tuned for an even happier person, who is finally doing something for herself, because I want to do it for me and not what everyone wants me to do!

Thanks again Mark and Linda for a great weekend. I have told so many people about it, and they are all eagerly waiting to see the final outcome. The best thing is, they will only need to wait 6 months to see the new looking me, but they have only had to wait to weekend to see the new and improved, happy, self-confident (I now walk with my head held high and shoulders straight) person!

Belinda H.

I have released 4kgs since the beginning of the retreat!

Hi Mark,

I am so glad I attended the weekend retreat.

After getting over the guilt and shock of actually leaving my family, I really enjoyed myself and tried to make the most of my 'free time'. I have released 4kgs since the beginning of the retreat!

Woo hoo! I liked all of the activities but one that sticks with me is the walking meditation. When everyone gets in sync I feel like everyone's feet are cheering for me; and their footsteps scream out my meditation; which at the time was 'this feels great'.

After the lapband hypnosis I actually felt really crook and even had a bit of a spew. Spending most of my life in hospital for operations I've never recovered well. For me it was a good sign the hypnosis had worked! While at the retreat my husband bought me a gym membership. Now back at home I get up at 4.10am!!!! Am at the gym by 4.30am exercise for an hour and am home by 5.45 so that husband can leave for work. I thought I'd be asleep by lunch time at work, but no! I seem to have lots of energy! The TV is off more at home and I have replaced the household sugar with stevia.

The weekend is here and we are going to have our first game of balloon ball, with the circus music and all! I used to think I never had enough time, now I seem to have loads...probably still not as much as I need but I am definitely getting more done and powering through the day.

I eat 3 small meals and that is enough for me. I am pleased and proud to say that i haven't snacked at all, where previously i ate like the hungry caterpillar! My water bottle is my best friend and without a drink every 15min or so my lips start cracking!

This was definitely the positive start i needed to get into gear and get my life back on the right track! In the coming weeks I hope to purchase the mp4 so that I have a support person close by when i needed it and to help keep up the motivation!

Thank you so much!

Ashlee Pawley

50 Kilos lighter in 12 months

It's now just over a year since I was at the retreat. I'm pleased to tell you that I am 50 kilos lighter than I was this time last year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Vicki Burns


Released 30 kilos

Hi Mark

I came to your retreat the long weekend in January this year and since then have released 30kilos. I listen to your MP4 twice a day and the change was INSTANT.

I thank you for helping me to live a better healthier life. I now walk twice a day and before that weekend I hadn't walked for 6 years and was missing out on life.

At 43 years old I weighed 109.6 kilos at your seminar and today I am 80 kg and heading towards my goal of 70kg.

So thank you Mark



I find myself with a new lease on life, with energy to burn...

Hi Mark

I embarked on this journey with mixed emotions, not knowing on what to expect and not knowing anyone.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 7 days on site. I met some lovely people of which I am sure I will keep in contact with.

Little Forest is a little treat. I have been spreading the word on my short stay with you, so hopefully you get some business out of it.

Tai Chi: I loved the Tai Chi and plan to continue with the exercises, to help me with my breathing and waking up my body. Initially I was all thumbs and fingers but worked it out after a couple of sessions

Yoga I did not enjoy the yoga as much due to my size, but was good to get an idea what it was for when I need it with my new body

Ivan: Ivan was full of beans and ideas which I have taken on board. Was the first time I had completed a session/workout. Ivan had some great advice which I have taken on board. I have adapted some of the exercises since arriving at home

Propert:y What a beautiful peaceful place. I loved the set out and the surroundings.

Massage: The massage was my first massage. I loved it - Michelle was great

Meals Where do I start. Jordons cooking was to die for. His variety and experience was fantastic. There was no meals which were sent back. Was my first experience with Japanese food which I now will enjoy more often, may even cook myself.

Juices: Loved the juices. I brought a Breville juicer on the weekend and brought juice to work today. I was actually having withdrawal symptoms for the juices as I did not arrive home until late last week.

Hypno sessions: I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed the sessions and have been listening to the MP4 player when I go for my walks. I find myself chanting some of the sayings when I daydream or when I am thinking about my time at Little Forest.

I find myself with a new lease on life, with energy to burn, there has not been one day I have not exercises since leaving.

One of the days spent in Sydney, I went to Cronulla and met some of my cousins etc. We went to a fish and chip shop, I was horrified. They all had greasy fish and chips with heaps of oil and batter and I had a piece of grilled fish with a greek salad. I felt good after eating this and did not miss the greasy feeling.

When I left the retreat, I had lost 2.8kgs. When I arrived home I weighed myself on Thursday and was pleasantly surprises I have now lost 6.4kgs.


Kind regards

Tina Ely

Today I signed up for a 5km fun run/walk

I have had the Gastric Lap Banding, a Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction surgery and then I opted to have my Band removed as I become ill with chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am a 46 year old woman walking around like a 70 year old. My joints would seize up and my entire body ached constantly. Depression was a daily occurrence as was popping a pill for anything and everything. I thought I ate healthy but I was sadly mistaken, However cola, biscuits and chocolate were heavily indulged. Drinking water was near nonexistent.

I saw Mark on ACA and thought that there could be something in this Think Slim Program. I bought the MP4 Player and left to my own devices I only listened to a couple of sessions on the player which was not enough for the program to work. I felt I needed the 7 day Think Slim Retreat to reinforce what the MP4 player was suggesting in order for me to gain the lifestyle changes that was going to turn the clock back for me.

Little Forest Retreat is without a doubt one of the most idyllic places I have ever experienced, with panoramic views that take your breath away. The accommodation, group seminar room and gymnasium are comfortable and well equipped. Chef Jordan cooked our every meal and showed us how eating healthy is really supposed to be using good quality organic products.

One of the challenges at Little Forest is the hill. Yep it is a doozy, going down was the easy part, but coming back I had to pace myself to put my heart back in inside my chest. I can honestly say I had no idea just how unfit I really was. I am proud to say I conquered the hill 4 times. I found energy I never knew I had and laughed, Oh my god I laughed.

When it was time to do the Hypnotic lap band I was nervous and scared due to the experience and trauma of previous genuine surgeries. Mark assured me that this time it would work out ok, and it did. I presented myself to Mark as a 95.8kg 4ft.11inch woman and he gave me the power to release a whopping 6.8kg. I used to say I lost weight but like everything we lose we find eventually, so now I release my weight, gone forever. I am with Mark’s help a healthy, positive woman with flexibility in my limbs and a drive in my heart and mind to stay on track. When I returned home I was excited to find a couple of emails waiting from Mark with support, encouragement and suggestions to keep motivated and live this program.

I now cook healthy and amazing meals with little effort, drink copious amounts of water (not hungry thirsty, drink more water, drink more water). I no longer take pills for anything unless I have to and more importantly I believe in myself. The dogs love the power walks I take them on twice a day. My husband and friends look at me as if I was a cat that just ate the canary, constantly wondering what this change is all about and how do I get it. I just keep smiling, laughing and living life as if it is my last. I struggled with my weight and dieting all my life with no long term success. The Think Slim Program I know now to be the answer to all my problems. Thank you Mark and team for the hospitality, compassion and enthusiasm you showed me during the 7 day retreat. You truly do have a gift and thank you for sharing it.

Today I signed up for a 5km fun run/walk, my first of many to come and I say to life “Bring it on”.

I am an amazingly, dynamic woman. I deserve to be free of emotional and physical baggage and to live a healthy, fit and happy life. Yes I am!

Melissa Cohen

The "I CAN DO IT " in me is huge, more than the empty words I used to say.

Dear Mark,

I am having a super Wednesday. Got back from Little Forest Saturday. night totally motivated and full of energy.

Back to work Sunday early am, Worked 4 shifts in 3 days and I am still full of energy.I kissed and cuddled my kids for thinking that I could possibly be interested when they saw you on ACA.

What has Little Forest has given me ME? Words will never express how my attitude towards burning the fat ,exercise and healthy food has changed. The "I CAN DO IT " in me is huge, more than the empty words I used to say. My new "I CAN DO IT" applies to everything.I allow myself to take baby steps - anything to take me to my goal.

I never heard of Qi gong before the retreat, never tried Yoga or seriously worked out at the Gym.Guess who is looking for a Qi gong class? TODAY! next on the list is Yoga. Our Yoga teacher at Little Forest was so inspiring,so cam,so dedicated and patient.

I am still at Little Forest in my mind, what a serene,calm,beautiful and healing place you and nature have created. The meals chef Jordan dished up were out of this world.

Even so it took me l while to get comfortable with the TLT therapy I got it in the end.All the hypnosis sessions were spot on and of course the hypnotic Lap band session was extra special.

I used to struggle with all sweets,particularly Tim Tams - there is no struggle now.

My time at Little Forest has taught me many other things beside the keys to reach my goal weight, it has opened my eyes to nature,my inner self and the universe.

thanks from

Claire Glauser

It is amazing what a weight loss can do to your body

Dear Diane & Mark,

Thank you so much for sending the recipes for the juices.

Alex,and I were at the retreat in March 2012.

We are very happy to report that as of last Friday, 4th May, Alex and I had both lost 9 kgs each. We are very happy and feel very healthy and still very motivated. And drink, drink, drink …. WATER of course !!

We listen to the tapes every second day and for us, it works very well, have not been tempted to have a piece of cake or chocolate or bread for that matter since the retreat.

The retreat has been a watershed for us, and feel that it was finally something that is helping us shed the weight that we have both been carrying for so many years.

I went to the doctor last week, and my blood pressure, and blood sugar, was perfect the Doctor said, it is amazing what a weight loss can do to your body ! Keep up the good work, and we are !

So THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Mark & Diane for helping us find our inner self (our slim self!)

With kind regards,

Helen and Alex

I really enjoyed the whole weekend!

I have been extremely motivated since the weekend and am happy to say that I have been motivated enough to walk every morning and exercise again in the afternoon when I can. You will be pleased to know that one morning I slept in and woke up when I would normally have been walking. After looking at the clock I rolled over and thought I might just go back to sleep. As I was trying to get back to sleep in my head all I could hear was "get up and go for a walk you have a meeting til late tonight get up and go now". I did get up and go for my walk!

We went out for dinner the other night. My meal came with chips. I asked for no chips. They arrived on my plate anyway. After I was satisfied with my meat and veg I moved the plate away from me so that I did not eat the chips.

Another positive story - this morning my two young sons were talking over breakfast about my mp player. The 8 year old told my 6 year old son that I listen to the mp player to help me lose weight. I simply said "I am not losing weight". My 8 year old son looked at me with a funny look. My 6 year old told him that "she is not losing weight. she is burning fat!"

Thanks again for a great motivating weekend

Trisha B

I am truly a new person

I felt a special kind of magic that I am still having trouble explaining – but it is effective and amazing. The retreat has quite simply turned me into a new person.  Benefits are almost too difficult to put into words.  My whole attitude to alcohol has changed (and I still haven’t had a drink!) it’s just not the driver that it was. The place is heaven on earth and I am truly a new person. I am now 15 kilos lighter and feel fantastic

Jo Tragear - Melbourne

People tell me that I am positively glowing

“Attending the retreat has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am feeling so good, and I have had several people tell me that I am positively glowing!  I have found that a lot of my fears have totally gone, which I am so grateful for.  Even my phobia of snakes doesn't seem quite so bad. Thanks for everything.”

Sandra Chapman Brisbane

Thank you for your expertise and genuine caring

Well what can say ?  Beyond my expectations. Amazing, inspirational, lots of love & humour.
Your ability to deal with so many personalities is impressive and your patience amazing.  Your ability to be compassionate and yet detached from the drama a lesson for us all. I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my mind and I’m free to pursue my goals.  I now feel I deserve to be slim and healthy.  I am a happier more relaxed person.  I have completely changed. Mark you unlocked something within me that has lay dormant for a very long time.  I feel truly awake.  To simply say thank you seems inadequate.  The best way I can say thank you for your expertise and genuine caring is to fulfil my potential.  This is what I promise to you.  
I got so much more than I ever expected. If anybody is looking for a mind and body make over to last a life time this is the retreat for you.

Mina Sedgeman - Victoria

I'm now living my life with focus

Firstly, I'd just like to say a BIG thank you for a action-packed week filled with fantastic  seminars, delicious healthy food, great company and great activities located at such a beautiful and inspirational location.  I got so much out of the week. I weighed myself this morning and I have released 2.7kg in the past week and feeling fantastic for it!  So, thanks to you, I'm now living my life with focus and enthusiasm and looking forward to becoming slimmer every day.

Kylie Day – Queensland

It will be the most life changing week of your life

Little Forest is spectacular, serene, stunning, beautiful, relaxing, comfortable and a magical place. Since attending the retreat I really am a new person, I sparkle and people are commenting on it. A giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I didn't know there was someone who could do what you do to people. I have a calm but focused feeling that I could only have dreamed of gaining in a week. You've rewired my brain so well that it's on cruise control. This is a feeling that I hoped for but wasn't sure was ever going to be attainable. If you ever get a chance to attend it will be the most life changing week of your life.

Louie.- Vic

Beyond the sky is my limit

“I am in awe of your skills  -  Your Knowledge & method of teaching is incredible  -  I hope that one day I'm able to find the words to thank you. I am a far cry from the person who walked into your world two Sundays ago. You helped me find ME  In every way......  Beyond the sky is my limit. My learning difficulties are a thing of the past.  ( I've read more books in the last 4 days than I have read in my past 50 years ) You have given me my life back. I now remember everything. I look forward to learning more from you in the future.”

Narelle Robbins – Sydney

I am now 25 kilos lighter and feel fantastic

“I’ve recently had the best week of rejuvenation, health & slimming.  Little Forest Health Retreat is like a little piece of Heaven with the most wonderful views and its own private rainforest. I am now 25 kilos lighter and feel fantastic.If you have an opportunity to attend Little Forest Retreat, I’ve just one thing to say, JUST DO IT.” 

Kathy Lindsell – Sydney

I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders

I have released 6KG for the month of May. YEEEHAHHH!! I feel great and can notice the difference in my clothes. I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel more confident and in control. What a great feeling! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  The retreat week was the best time I have EVER had for ME!

Lee Marshall

Attending the retreat has changed my life

“I used to be a diet coke addict and after attending the retreat I have not touched one. It’s amazing as I haven’t had a diet coke now for over 2 months. I can’t bring myself to having one and don’t miss it at all!!!!!!!!!! I watch people at work drinking diet coke and it makes me feel sick and I can’t help myself but to tell them they shouldn’t be having it. One more thing even though there are many more, Cadbury's chocolate I can’t believe I cant even put it anywhere near my mouth anymore and I used to eat bars and bars of it a day and now not one bit! Once again Mark thank you. Attending the retreat has changed my life and it’s made me the happy Glenda that i was a very long time ago!”

Glenda Khoury Sydney

I feel like a new person

For me the retreat was a life-changing experience. I knew it was going to be great but it gave me so much more than I could ever have imagined. I feel like a new person, so free, energised and motivated, like I can achieve anything I want. Not only did I release some body fat, I also dumped a lot of negative beliefs and excess baggage that had been weighing me down for years. I am now 30 Kilos lighter. Since I got home everyone is telling me how good I look, they all say my eyes are so clear and sparkling and I look lighter and happier, I guess it’s all that excess baggage I left at Little Forest!”

Carolyn Johnstone Victoria

The retreat' was a huge success

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been the most amazing journey that I will treasure always and put to good use. I weighed in on my scales when I got home so it had been a week....I have lost 3kg!! I even found walking up the steps at Woolies so much easier already. Please pass my thanks on to everyone that helped make it what it was.  Everyone was amazing. The retreat' was a huge success. Thank you again.”

Warm regards

Kerryl Noble

I loved the "cocooned" feeling I felt at the retreat

I can't thank you enough for the magnificent week that Carrie and I spent with you in April. I am astonished at the change that has come over me since then. I find my life to be very exciting now, and I have so much more confidence. The Hypnotherapy sessions were amazing. I released 2kg of unwanted weight during that week, and it continues to "melt" off yet I am not deprived of food. I used to crave and graze on chocolate all the time. I am pleased to say that I have not had any chocolate since the Saturday before we came down to Little Forest. I loved the "cocooned" feeling I felt at the retreat, where everything was so calm, the scenery so breathtaking, the air so clean and clear, and the rooms so comfortable.

The week had so many highlights, I can't list them all. The most memorable were the sessions in the Rainforest Healing Room with Mark, the remedial massage by Emma, the sessions at the beach, the five-star dinners (soooo  delicious!), watching the sunrise from the Viewing Platform in the cool and calm of the early morning, and seeing the "breakthroughs" that others had that week in overcoming their doubts and fears. But the "icing on the cake" had to be the "performance" on the final night. I have not laughed so much in years, It still brings a smile to my face, and probably will for years.

I want to thank you so very much for a truly life-changing week. My husband is so happy for the chocolate, more energy, more exercise, more positive. I am so happy for the changes too, and I feel so confident, so empowered now. A huge, huge THANK YOU.    
Love from Glenys Mitchell

Jenni and I had a wonderful time

Thanks for a great retreat. Jenni and I had a wonderful time. I was worried that Jen might have been a little young to benefit from the experience, but she has been raving about her time there. She's been preparing herself healthy meals thanks to Mel and we had grilled eggplant for the first time yesterday which she cooked on the BBQ with a spray of olive oil and fresh herbs. Yum.  

I also wanted to let you know that Jenni has had some success following the retreat. She won her first Open match at a tennis tournament on the weekend! She listened to your session "I am a winner" on the drive up and she said it helped her to win the 3 set match which took almost 3 hours.   

Once again, thanks for everything Mark, hopefully you'll see Jen and I back at Little Forest in April next year.”

Debbie Lake - Victoria

I drank at least 70-80 cans of full strength Coca Cola a week

I have been wondering over the years how to beat a lot of DEMONS that I have had eating my body away in every little way you can think of. Besides smoking 25 cigarettes a day I drank at least 70-80 cans of full strength Coca Cola a week and ate a lot of rubbish food and chocolate. I appeared on A Current Affair telling about my addiction and after watching it I was disgusted with myself. Out of the blue ACA rang and said they were sending me to a health retreat to help overcome the Coke addiction.

The first day at the retreat I had some cravings but after that it all seemed to disappear. Mark did his therapy and the trainers kept us busy with boxing classes, yoga and Tai Chi.

Chef Jonny would sit down with us at meal time and tell us how he prepared the meals. Throughout the day we had lots of juices with my favourites being straight orange juice and carrot and orange.

I can’t explain exactly what happened up on the mountain at Little Forest but I found something within myself that allowed me to change.

Everything at the retreat from the views to the food was perfect. You arrive with a problem and go home a different person. You get the help and guidance of trained professionals on everything from fitness and how to prepare food to emotional stuff.

Before leaving I had lost just on 4kg and I feel 100% more alive with more energy.

The only thing you have to lose by going to the retreat are your problems but you have so much more to gain. If I can do it anybody can. This experience has been the dream of a life time.

Mel G


The retreat was more than I could ever of imagined it would be

"The retreat was more than I could ever of imagined it would be, I was a bit skeptic and scared at first, not knowing what to expect.

I knew I had to do something desperately, as I had put on heaps of weight, I was not doing any activity, eating all the wrong things (especially junk food) and I drank between 8 - 12 stubbies of beer every night of the week and even more on the weekends. It wasn't until I was actually at the retreat for 3 days that I realized that I had a serious problem with the alcohol. Now I'm not drinking at all and I'm not missing it in the slightest.

My spider phobia is gone. I no longer smoke the two packs of cigarettes a day and drinking is a thing of the past.

I could go on and on forever, it was the most fantastic week of my life, I can't thank Mark enough for how he has help sort myself out (they can't believe it at work and my partner thinks he's living with a new woman)"

Pat Kerr - Victoria


"I can’t put into words how great everything was.

The meals, the juices, the accommodation, the pool, the rainforest, the company… I can’t put into words how great everything was. From the moment I drove up the winding country road I could feel the fresh air, see the green grass - so inviting, the cows calmly going about their day in the paddocks, butterflies floating by. This is the best kept secret of the South Coast, so close to everything but so far away from the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Just to be able to grab a book and lie on the grass under a tree or stretched out on a lounge next to the fire place, now that’s relaxing.

My daughter questioned on my return as to why I was speaking so softly and calmly – she said it wasn’t normal and it was freaking her out. My response was 'get use to it'….. thanks so much."


Karen Every


"I just wanted you to know ... the positive effect it's had on my life and the way I think.

"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my stay at Little Forest and the positive effect it's had on my life and the way I think. Attending the retreat was more than I ever hoped for - it was life changing! I went to lose weight but achieved far more than that - I got my life back; my enthusiasm; and my self esteem.

I really appreciate what you are trying to achieve through helping people to find their way home to their true self; the self that they deserve to be.

Since leaving the retreat I have released 12kg and I'm well on my way to my goal weight 60kg :-) But it's more than the weight lose, it's how I feel about everything in life now - I'm not as stressed; I feel healthy; I look healthy and everyone is asking me how I got to be so calm. The week at the Think Slim retreat was like dying and going to heaven. And when it ended, I wanted to beg God to leave me at Little Forest and never send me back."

Love and good health

Karen Stead NSW Central Coast

"My eyes are sparkling, I’m slimmer, and I’m definitely healthier"

"If you’re considering doing the Retreat, my advice to you is DO IT. I got so much out of the Retreat emotionally and physically. It's surprising to find how easy it is to make positive changes.

This is the best thing you can do for you. Forget quick fixes. This is transforming you from the inside out.

After 7 days you look & feel lighter while having fun and being inspired.

A week will seem like a month and you’ll be sad when it ends, but you'll leave feeling fantastic and empowered.

I used to know what to do, but often didn't act on it. Now my thoughts & actions match.

I was already a positive person now I'm overflowing with positivity.

I feel great, I’m looking better, my eyes are sparkling, I’m slimmer, and I’m definitely healthier."

Jeanie Irving

I am more positive about who I am and what I can do

"Fancy your own rainforest – how amazing. Everything about the property was special. The location, those views and the sunrises all take your breath away.

My favourite space was the rainforest healing room where I FINALLY learnt to still my mind and stay focused on the meditation – never been able to do that before.

I came for a kick start back into a healthier way of living and got so much more than that For me the whole week was a privilege – after 35 years of thinking about other people and putting them first – this was the first time I had a week “all about me”.

This morning I reached my goal weight – 2 weeks early and lighter than goal weight. It feels great to be 15 kilos lighter. My feet and knees thank you. I have not been this light since I gave birth to my youngest son 20 years ago. I am now comfortably in size 10 clothes – clothes I have not worn for a long time are back on the body (glad I kept them) I am fitter than I have been in years – yesterday participated in a 5 klm cross country fun run – nearly died but got there.

I am more positive about who I am and what I can do and work through each barrier with the mantra “there are no problems just solutions”. The other aspect that has just been lovely is that I have inspired others – who look at me and say – “what has happened to you and I want some”.

This morning I have set new goals re other aspects of my life so the journey continues.


Pat Jewell


“Thank you for making such a difference to my thinking, and thus quality of life.”

Lynette Powell


Thank you so much Mark for helping me get my life back, I am so much happier with in myself as I’m not in constant pain every day.

I have a condition called Chiari Malformation, it is a birth deformity of the cerebellum, I have suffered from excruciating headaches all my life, at the age of 43 I had surgery to help try to relieve the pressure in my head caused by the build up of the cerebral fluid. I had still suffered from headaches every day on a scale of 1 to 10 on a good day it’s a 3-4 on a bad day it’s a 10 & on a really bad day I can blow that 10 out of the water to double. On my first day at Little Retreat I had a bad headache of 10, after one session of pain relief hypnosis with Mark helping me within a matter of about 10 minutes my pain level was gone down to a zero!!!!! I can NOT remember ever being without a headache before. My first good night’s sleep, so sound. From that first session & listening to my MP4 player & doing the Tortoise Pose my daily headaches are down to a . I have even stopped taking the morning medication for my headaches. Thank you so much Mark for helping me get my life back, I am so much happier with in myself as I’m not in constant pain every day.


Leonie  Woolley
And I’m looking forward to buying any old size 12 off the rack or internet in 4 months time and knowing I’ll look great in it

I loved Mark and Linda and Little Forest Retreat and am very grateful for the Think Slim programme’s easy integration into my lifestyle. I learned some great skills for stopping bad habits dead in their tracks and some even greater skills for creating best health habits and the happiness that brings. My new key beliefs I programmed at the retreat are: I only eat food for optimal nutrition and energy, running feels like flying! I enjoy it at least once a day, portion management is the key that unlocks my life-long size 12 wardrobe, donuts taste like dirt. I’m newly inspired and enthusiastic about my life, loves and goals. And I’m looking forward to buying any old size 12 off the rack or internet in 4 months time and knowing I’ll look great in it!

 Dan x

“The retreat has changed my life

“The retreat has changed my life. I was hoping I’d get something out of it before I went but the change in me has been amazing.

I have given up butter, cut down to two pieces of Burgen grain bread from Wonder White six to eight slices per day.

The retreat was wonderful, it is so tranquil and serene.  I am not a people person but the people on the retreat weekend were wonderful and supportive. I am playing the MP3 player for about an hour a day and it’s a great reinforcement of what we learnt on the weekend.”

Thanks Jenny

Thank you for the weekend retreat (my second)

Dear Mark,

Thank you for the weekend retreat (my second).  The first changed my life, so I was looking forward to capitalising on and intergrating what I had already achieved. This time I let go of more emotional baggage, healed the pain of arthritis, healed a limp due to hip damage and found a fabulous walking meditation. Thank you for your time, energy and techniques.  The food was fabulous (even the tofu :-)) and the peace & serenity were perfect. Although the changes are within me, the effects will impact on people in my life. Thank you again.  I can't wait to return in the future. 

Love, Anne Chalker - Sydney

This week turned my life upside down

“Participating in the Think Slim retreat was the best decision I have made in a very long time. I was a 74 kg yo-yo dieter, emotional eater I had no energy and felt low.

This week turned my life upside down.

With the help of Mark's therapy I got rid of all my limiting beliefs and it changed my whole mind-set about myself. I am no longer the last in the important list, but I am the most important on it now. I do a lot for myself now. The realization what I was doing with my own body, the unhealthy things hit home and that was the turning point for me.

Three weeks have passed since I came home and I am 68kg and I feel fantastic. I learned during the retreat that it is never late for a life change. We just have to reprogram our brain.

Thanks for everything.

Aniko Bana - Sydney