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Jordan Tirekidis Weight Loss Story

Jordan Tirekidis testimonial after his massive weight loss with the help of Mark Stephens

“When I was over 300 kilos the doctor told me I would have to have a Lap Band as this would be the only way I could lose weight. I tried every diet known to man but none of the weight loss programs addressed the mental and emotional aspects; and the fact is that was what was really weighing me own. For many years I had felt hopeless. This way of thinking was just part of who I had become. Every problem you can have with weight issues, I have had. I knew I had to make my health the number one priority in my life or I wouldn’t be here much longer. When I finally went to Little Forest to do a retreat with Mark it was like I had found Shangri-La. Mark definitely saved my life. I can’t say what would have happened for sure, maybe I would have been bedridden or maybe worse.

If you need help make sure you get hold of Mark. Don’t wait as long as I did. Sometimes we just need somebody to believe in us and give us the push in the right direction. If you are able to get along to one of Mark’s retreats you won’t look back. Life is too short to hold onto the past. I had spent so long looking out the rear view mirror of life, but not anymore.”
Jordan Tirekidis (used the take-home programme and attended retreats)