Three day Innermakeover Retreat at Little Forest


All retreats include Pain Control Hypnosis and Hypnotic Weight Loss Surgery Hypnosis Sessions


Transform yourself at a three-day Innermakeover retreat at Little Forest

You will benefit by attending a retreat if you:

  • Suffer from chronic pain
  • Struggle with your weight
  • Have emotional baggage
  • Lack motivation or need a mental break

No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you absolutely, positively have the power to dramatically change the way you look and feel.

In one weekend you will learn how to effortlessly: break bad habits, reprogram negative thought patterns, eliminate cravings and increase your self-esteem.

The three-day Innermakeover Weekend includes:

  1. Three days of Meditation and Self Hypnosis
  2. Physical, mental and emotional pain sessions
  3. Healthy eating and portion control sessions

What to expect

Spend a weekend with Australia’s best hypnotherapist as you change your habits and overcome your biggest challenges. Experience the most life changing weekend of your life.

Recharge your batteries, reset your mind
Watch this video to hear from retreat attendees

“I came to your retreat the long weekend in January this year and since then have released 30kilos. I listen to your hypnosis twice a day and the change was INSTANT. I thank you for helping me to live a better healthier life. I now walk twice a day and before that weekend I hadn’t walked for 6 years and was missing out on life. At 43 years old I weighed 109.6 kilos at your seminar and today I am 80 kg and heading towards my goal of 70kg. So thank you Mark.”


Your package includes:

  •  Accommodation at Little Forest Lifestyle Retreat and meals
  •  All hypnosis and therapy sessions
  •  Transfers from Sydney airport if flying in or needed

Share $995 per person. Single $1,495

NOTE: Payment plan options available on all retreats. Call 1300 76 00 73 to organise a payment plan or deposit.

Spend a weekend with Australia’s best hypnotherapist as you overcome your biggest challenges and transform your life.

Call now on 1300 760 073 to book a retreat

A typical day at the retreat

What previous retreat attendees are saying:

“I am absolutely thrilled with the result. My pain has gone from an 8/10 to a zero.” 

 “I no longer turn to food when feeling frustrated or annoyed.”

DatesRates (per person)Availability
Sep 1 – 3 2018 – Single$1495.00Book Now
Sep 1 – 3 2018 – Share$995.00Book Now
Oct 27 - 29 2018 – Single$1495.00Book Now
Oct 27 - 29 2018 – Share$995.00Book Now
Nov 10 - 12 2018 – Singe$1495.00Book Now
Nov 10 - 12 2018 – Share$995.00Book Now
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All retreats at  Little Forest  includes:

  • All meals and accommodation
  • Hypnosis and therapy sessions from morning till night.
  • Airport Transfers. For Interstate travelers mini bus transfers to and from Sydney domestic airport are inclusive. The mini bus departs Sydney at 9am on day one and on the final day arrives back at the airport at approximately 5.30pm. Best to book return flights after 6 PM. Please plan to arrive early to the airport on day one of the retreat as the bus leaves the airport at 9 AM sharp.

Meals The retreat offers a variety of healthy plant-based meals while catering to allergies or food preferences. All food and juices are organic. You will also enjoy a variety of super healthy juices and smoothies. Activities In your free time you can do as little or as much as you like. You can go for rainforest walks, play tennis exercise in the fully equipped gym or just sit under a tree and do nothing. This is time out for you.

The information below relates to retreats run at Little Forest. No accommodation is provided for other retreats Escape the ordinary in a place like no other!

  • Breathtaking views of mountains, valleys and the ocean
  • 8ks drive to picturesque historic Milton
  • 14 acres of scenic preservation property
  • 5 acres of rainforest walk
  • Full size tennis court on property
  • Function room with a wood fire place
  • Fully equipped gymnasium

little forest

Property Description
Located a short 2.5 hours south of Sydney the views from this spectacular property are worth the visit alone. Little Forest Lifestyle Retreat sits 1,000 feet above sea level on a rolling hill. Surrounded by valleys, mountains, escarpment and ocean views as far as the eye can see visitors have described the property as “Heaven on Earth” or “Shangrila.” This 14 acres of paradise is classed as Scenic Preservation Property. The 5 acres of private rainforest is a natural wonderland and home to many Australian fauna including; wombats, wallabies, lyrebirds and echidnas. Accommodation and Facilities 13 well appointed motel rooms are made up with linen, have ensuite bathrooms, reverse cycle air-conditioning, tea making facilities, bar fridge and ground floor access.

Accommodation and Facilities

13 well appointed motel rooms are made up with linen, have ensuite bathrooms, reverse cycle air-conditioning, tea making facilities, bar fridge and ground floor access.

For other pictures of the facilities and location, check out our gallery page.

Getting your mindset right At every retreat we cover a wide range of therapies and methods including;

  • Meditation and hypnosis
  • Yoga breathing and relaxation
  • Guided imagery and visualisation
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong – moving meditation
  • Motivation and goal setting

What is meditation? 

  • Derived from the Latin meditari, meaning to contemplate or “exercise the mind.”
  • Meditation is a simple, practical and scientifically proven method to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain.
  • Meditation is a relaxed focus and a way to calm the mind. It is the science of letting go.
  • Meditation teaches us to be still and a way to return to our calm self.
  • It is an inner holiday that helps us heal our mind and body.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of relaxation which has no side effects. When in the hypnotic trance like state you have; heightened suggestibility, focused attention and increased awareness. You are not asleep but you might feel sleepy.  Positive suggestions or visualisation techniques are used during the relaxed state. This helps you to overcome specific problems or challenges. As far back as 1892 the British Medical Association approved hypnosis as a genuine therapeutic agent “frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments. In the early 1900s a French pharmacist named Emile Coue discovered the power of autosuggestion. He’s accredited with the famous affirmation, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” It was Coue who discovered that it was the suggestion being accepted by the mind of the subject rather than the actual suggestion given by the hypnotist, which achieved results. He attested that negative thinking patterns could worsen an illness. The healing power of hypnosis was used for pain control during World War 1, World War II and the Korean War.  Some prisoner of war hospitals used hypnosis as a substitute for chemical anaesthesia to assist with pain relief and to assist in recovery of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Hypnosis can help you overcome challenges, improve study, conquer phobias, sleep better, relieve pain, stop smoking and of course shed the kilos. Some of the greatest athletes in history have used sports hypnosis to take them to the highest level. The important thing to remember is, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.