Private Sessions

One on one breaktrhough sessions to transform your life

One-on-one breakthrough session to transform your life

Overcome your biggest challenges in a five hour break through session with Australia’s best hypnotherapist.

For almost 50 years Mark has studied under Asian Masters and Western teachers. His unique combination of Eastern and Western therapies can help you be the best version of yourself possible.

Areas where Mark can help you include:

  • Breaking bad habits
  • Weight challenges
  • Chronic pain
  • Stopping smoking
  • Phobias
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress
  • Business and sales coaching
  • Sports Performance

Call now on 1300 760 073 to book a private breakthrough session.


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I believe your techniques are the most exciting, comprehensive and life-changing ones that I have encountered

“A lifetime of discomfort, loss of energy, and lost opportunities, because of fear of public speaking has come to an end. Your Time-Line Therapy changed in five minutes what years of other approaches, including public speaking courses, failed to do.  I have now lost fear and stress, and gained energy, positivity and serenity.  Mark, I believe your techniques are the most exciting, comprehensive and life-changing ones that I have encountered.  I would recommend to anyone who wants to change their behaviour, health, or feelings, to attend your seminars and retreats. Thank you so much for your time, energy and amazing techniques.”  Anne Chalker – Psychologist – Sydney

The ‘darkness’ is gone

I just wanted to thank you for saving my daughter’s life. You have given me the one thing in this world I wanted but couldn’t get, my daughter back. My 15 yo daughter was a ‘cutter’ and that she was severely depressed. I was desperate. We’d been to psychologists and psychiatrists and hospitals and nothing helped, it just made her feel worse about herself. She cried constantly, was so sad and often said she just wanted to die, her anger had reached dangerous heights. We were all a little afraid of her.

I noticed a difference in her after the first session, by the third visit, she was a different child. The best way I can describe the change in her is that I now have my little girl back. The ‘darkness’ is gone, she’s stopped dyeing her hair black and wearing black clothes, she giggles again, gets shy and coy instead of being the ‘tough’ girl. She cuddles up to me again instead of pushing me away and she tells me she loves me again. She hasn’t even thought about cutting.

The best words I’ve ever heard were last night when we had gone for our nightly walk. My daughter said, “Mum, I’m happy again, all the time…it feels so nice’ I cried. There are not enough words to thank Mark for giving me my daughter back.  Vicki K – Sydney

I really achieved the breakthrough I was searching for

“I’ve just would love to say Mark that the work I did with you has been really transforming. Letting go of the limiting beliefs has been quite dramatic, it is so easy for me now to say “NO” and every time I do, I feel a lot more empowered. It is not one thing that works, I know it’s the combination of therapies and modalities that you have used in our sessions that have allowed me to feel liberated and really having the freedom to be me, with choices that empower me in a constant way. I really achieved the breakthrough I was searching for and did not know how to get. I firmly believe you are the “Tony Robbins” of Weight Loss. I now know that I can and I am getting to where I want to go, I am clear and it’s easy!!! THANK YOU MARK!” Sonia O

I feel like someone emptied my heart of all pain and filled it with love!

I am 40 years old, married, with a four year old child.  My husband and I had been on many diets before, and as usual we lost weight only to put it back on again months later. The very next day after the therapy it felt like someone had opened up my heart and emptied it of all pain and hurt, and refilled it with love.  I feel myself letting go of petty resentments I has holding against people who I felt had hurt my feelings.  Little worries and woes don’t seem too big any more. I feel light, happy and calm. I am happy beyond measure and more content than I thought could be possible.  I am now three sizes smaller but mentally I am 1000 kg lighter. This morning I walked for 35 minutes, and I am about to head off on another 35 minute walk now.  If you had asked me two weeks ago if I could walk that far, I would have laughed. THANK YOU!  Maria Evans

Horrific panic and stress

“For years I’d had an overwhelming phobia of bridges. I couldn’t even look at a bridge without feeling horrific panic and stress. Plain and simple, I could not cross a bridge. I would have to get others to drive me which restricted my life and was embarrassing. In just under four hours the problem was gone. I am now in total control of my emotional state and this has helped in other areas of my life especially at work and with my family. Thanks for making the breakthrough sessions so much fun. I absolutely love the BAM effect, it works every time! Thank you Mark for all your help.” Jim Peterson, Washington DC

I almost died in a car accident

“I almost died in a car accident at twenty three and ended up in a coma for several weeks. I had broken many bones in my body. For more than twenty years I had suffered severe claustrophobia and a crippling fear of speaking in groups bigger than a few people. This affected me, every day of my life. The problem was so serious my breathing would stop, I would break out in a sweat and I would tremble uncontrollably. After a session with Mark my phobias were totally gone. Six months later it feels like I never had a phobia. It was incredible.”  Kerry Walsh Sydney

I feel as if a miracle has happened

” Thank you so much. I cannot believe that after smoking for 43 years I am now smoke-free. I have had no withdrawal symptoms at all. In the past I have tried to quit smoking numerous times, with patches, nicobrevin tablets, nicobate lozenges and cold turkey. All have been disasters, nothing worked. The withdrawals and depression were horrendous. I felt alone, cried a lot and I was terribly bad tempered and agitated. Now I feel absolutely wonderful, my breathing is better, no more chest pains or coughing, I feel so good, so alive, happy and confident. Today as I type this email I feel as if a miracle has happened. Thank you Mark!.” Di McDonald – Smoke Free Sunshine Coast

It’s a fun experience with amazing results

Hello Mark, My progress in burning up the fat has stayed pretty much on track and I am thrilled to have reached my first 8 kilos in 9 weeks. I am so motivated by this, but more excited by the fact that I have only had one jaffa chocolate lolly in that time and that just got popped into my mouth unconsciously because it was the only one left, that the “other people” had not eaten. I have had no cravings for chocolate or icecream which were my favourite foods. I found the therapy amazing and most enlightening. It’s a fun experience with amazing results. Thank you. Shirley Teakle